Monday, September 17

Finally I can post this picture! A bit of nerdy food for thought.......

Heed this poster young padawan and take a wookie! I have to say this is one of the most amazing Star Wars themed funny make me smile ( and probably you smile too) pictures I have ever seen. Find yourself  the wookie of your life and let the good times role! More Blabbling about Mondays being a drag and how awesome Star Wars is aside have a great day. -Inrisus

Picture found on *Very Clean* Funny Pics Facebook page.
And sorry for the delay I was having to much fun finding funny/smile-worthy stuff to post.

Wednesday, September 12

A mind blowing, spine shattering realization!

You read the title right? Good cause I dislike repeating and do like cutting to the chase. So anyways this realization is that I noticed that everyday I will see, discuss,hear of,and/or think of monkeys (and I mean all species plus primates such as gorrillas and chimps for those of you who are picky over the specifics)! I am not really sure how this happens but it does and it would seem that this is not something that happens to just me. Don't believe it?Then I challenge you to see how far you can go through tomorrow monkey-free. I know that it has actually helped me relieve stress somedays so give it a try, the results may just shock you.
Long ending text,blah,blah,blah -Inrisus

Monday, September 10

It shall be another quote today because picture uploads take to long...

And to think I had a really awesomely funny picture to show you today. I am so bummed out now but hey maybe next time right? So blah,blah,blah, depression....failure and long rant over how stupid and slow my wifi is aside here is what I found for you this time!

"Never underestimate the power of the eyebrow." -Jack Black
found on

What this means I have no idea, but it did make me chuckle. So I think you might smile at it too. If you find some meaning to it share it with me because I'm drawing a blank.
Hope you have a decent Monday( I would say amazing but come on we all know that Mondays are rarely so). -Inrisus

Saturday, September 8

The first interesting thing I found!

"Stress is for people with to much time to think and to little time to do."

Quote! Yes, you read correctly.  A bit of food for thought on the first day that I'll be entertaining your minds. This one I made up myself which is much,much harder than I thought it was going to be, however I think for a first time it of racking my brain it turned out pretty well. So tell me person hailing from unknown regions of the cyber abyss known as the internet do you think does this ring true to your life? I am sure it must, after all who hasn't been stressed out from time to time. The bottom line of it all we all just have those days, the ones were that angry other person in our live be it boss, teacher, hubby, or wifey just decides they wanna turn into trolls and make things ten times harder than they need to be. It sucks, how I describe the levels of suck-ness (yes I do realize this isn't a real word)? Simply by a scale of eh to elephant poop. But you know what today is a great day, a Friday this is a day you should take a brief moment to breath in and say finally the week is just about over and the next pay-day is just around the corner. Don't let that stress completely consume your life, cause if you do can you really live? Not to say you need to not stress at all it is a bit necessary, just remember to give yourself a little treat when all the hard times role by. Now then, I will stop with the long winded post and let you and everyone else go enjoy their friday night. Peace out my mysterious and fantastic peeps. -Inrisus

Wednesday, September 5

The boring explanatory bit for everything else to seem fun

Long title right? Sorry about that person that hails from the unknown abyss that is known as the Internet. Alright so cutting to the chase I have just started this blog and blah, blah,blah.... complicated reasons and babbled explanations..... I am gonna start posting things like funny facebook ims, quotes and paintings and pictures that I find or make up for your enjoyment and mine. Nothing terribly serious, bone crushingly taboo or anything that is a topic of strongly divided opinion right? Basically all I want to to is give you and others reading this something you can look forward to at the end of the day to unwind, breath, remember to enjoy life and possibly smile.I will post new enjoyable, encouraging and akwardly funny things every monday and friday. Now before this post gets much longer (and you get tired of reading), I must bid you good day and happy fun times.

From your new favorite blogger,