Thursday, February 23

Funny the things we forget

Funny the things we forget,
How they used to fill us with regret,
To let go of the past,
And find time to relax,
Its a wonderful thing in contrast

A poem suitable for forgotten things, like this blog I made years ago. If you can do better post yours below haha.

Friday, June 6

Snail of a day

Doodling behind your bosses back is fun!
What it's a slow day, take some time and enjoy friday.

Saturday, November 30

Fuel of Smiles Issue #1

A great start to a new section of fun thanks for the submissions keep them coming!

Monday, November 4

Reasons to avoid going out to drink with co-workers

1) If they had some serious crude going on in there life you will learn all about it.
2) If they get drunk you may have to awkwardly help them into the cab as they are drooling all over themselves and breathing alcohol breath on you.
3)They will think your now their best friend (a new disturbance of favor asking and such is annoying)
4)They may see the same happen with you and that can make things awkward that next work day.