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Monday, November 4

Reasons to avoid going out to drink with co-workers

1) If they had some serious crude going on in there life you will learn all about it.
2) If they get drunk you may have to awkwardly help them into the cab as they are drooling all over themselves and breathing alcohol breath on you.
3)They will think your now their best friend (a new disturbance of favor asking and such is annoying)
4)They may see the same happen with you and that can make things awkward that next work day.

Friday, October 4

That awkward moment when...

That awkward moment at work when...

              - You get a customer who knows you from shopping at the grocery store.
              - You boss who is 80 likes your favorite internet meme too.
              - Your supervisor who is 50 knows what a meme is.
              - You notice your brownies missing, and find them on the desk of the guy in                     the cubicle across from yours.
              - Everyone leave the building at once heading in one direction while you have                 to go in the other.
              - A cupcake is sitting on your desk that says Happy Birthday, but it isn't your                   birthday and the name card from section is blank.

Add your awkward moment at work below or confirm that the ones above are indeed awkward/creepy/etc. I want your input about it to know if I am just paranoid as heck or onto something.... Share this with friends if you aren't sure what to make of this. Nice talking to you cyber being, till Monday good luck- Inrisus Ingenuity.

Tuesday, October 1

So my computer finally works right again!

Hello all my gorgeous internet friends! Finally I am able to properly right a post for you. It took two weeks but at long last we can all go back to being creatures of habit reading and in my case writing about really random awesome stuff that can be relaxing on our usual fun time of Fridays and Mondays YAYAY! I will start posting up more meme pictures starting Monday instead of long written ranty post like this one. So any ways here for your pleasure is a list of interesting things that happen when a workaholic (such as myself) has no outlet of technology to let out the bottled up "need to do" feels:

  1. You feel the urge to clean EVERYTHING
  2. You mess everything you just cleaned to the point that it REALLY shines making it even messier than it had been.
  3. You get hungry after doing the above so you cook a feast even though you are the only one home.
  4. Clean everything to the extreme again.
  5. Sit down and tap your foot at your desk.
  6. Have a panick attack and hyperventilate AGAIN when you remember your computer is broken.
  7. Decide to go for a jog.
  8. Remember you hate exercise.
  9. Repeat this process.
This is what my near month has been like. I think we can all agree I need more friends or something cause this is a little sad. Tell me cyber beings, do you share any similar connection feels like I have for my blogging hobby and electronics in general? Tell me about them so I feel like less pathetic of  a human being in the comments section. If you want to be friends follow the blog and join the crazy circle that is my boredom at its darkest, awkwardest, and most humorous times posted for all the internet to view if they so choose. Stay Crazy- Inrisus Ingenuity