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Friday, October 4

That awkward moment when...

That awkward moment at work when...

              - You get a customer who knows you from shopping at the grocery store.
              - You boss who is 80 likes your favorite internet meme too.
              - Your supervisor who is 50 knows what a meme is.
              - You notice your brownies missing, and find them on the desk of the guy in                     the cubicle across from yours.
              - Everyone leave the building at once heading in one direction while you have                 to go in the other.
              - A cupcake is sitting on your desk that says Happy Birthday, but it isn't your                   birthday and the name card from section is blank.

Add your awkward moment at work below or confirm that the ones above are indeed awkward/creepy/etc. I want your input about it to know if I am just paranoid as heck or onto something.... Share this with friends if you aren't sure what to make of this. Nice talking to you cyber being, till Monday good luck- Inrisus Ingenuity.